Guide to Maui Farmers’ Markets

Monday, 11 January 2016

Visit one of Maui farmers’ markets, and taste the very best the island has to offer! Edible Hawaiian Islands has created its second annual Farm Guide, with all the information you need about farmers’ markets on Maui and the other Hawaiian islands.

This handy, pull-out guide contains a schedule of farmers’ markets on the island, as well as a list of Maui farms that sell produce to visitors or offer tours of their grounds. Edible Hawaiian Islands’ Farm Guide is a great resource for Honua Kai owners who want to shop local and support the hardworking agricultural community of Maui, from farmers and ranchers to local artisans and food producers.

The Farm Guide also contains a brief history of Hawaiian agricultural practices, from “canoe plants” brought over by the ancient Polynesians to the rise of family farms over large plantations seen in recent years. It also touches on Hawaii’s variety of unique micro-climates, which allows for year-round cultivation of both tropical and temperate plants .

Click below to download the Farm Guide PDF, or visit Edible Hawaiian Islands for more info on exploring local food next time you’re on Maui!

Maui Farmers' Markets