The Hawaiian Village Reborn

The-Hawaiian-Village-Ahupua’aSince opening it’s doors in 2009, Honua Kai has been regarded not only as the area’s newest and finest resort and residential properties, but as the one most meaningfully connected to its West Maui roots. This is due in part to a design approach that embraced Hawaiian tradition and culture.

The name ‘Honua Kai’ is a marriage of two Hawaiian words. Honua means “earth” and Kai refers to the water of the Pacific Ocean. Therefore, Honua Kai represents the union of earth and water, as experienced at their meeting place at the shore. But Honua Kai refers to many meetings, beyond earth and water: parent and child, past and present, host and guest, family and community, nature and civilization.

Traditional Hawaiian principles were top of mind when the master planning began for Honua Kai. Ahupua’a, Hawaii’s traditional approach to subdivision and sustainable land use, deeply influenced the design of the resort. Water flows from the entrance on the mountain side, through streams, ponds, and pools before reaching the ocean. Winding paths lined with native Hawaiian landscaping and an ongoing dune restoration program to restore indigenous species are also part of this design philosophy. Each element brings life, tranquility and beauty for the enjoyment of homeowners and guests.

Ahupua’a is also about reinforcing a strong sense of community. From the physical design of the buildings which creates natural gathering places, to the design of the homes, Honua Kai creates spaces where families can gather and reconnect with one another.